Thursday, April 7, 2011

April already

I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. Right now Caleb's allergies are getting hit hard. It is really sad because his face is swollen, he has dark circles around his eyes, and his eczema is flaring up. The same thing happened last year around the time he turned 2 so there must be something environmental about this time of year. He has been tested for allergies and they said he is allergic to mold but not to cedar or ash, but mold is not really high right now, so who knows. It is bad enough where people comment like today a lady at the gym said, "Oh, does he have a rash or something?" and I was like, "No, it's allergies."
The other day we went to the mall to do some shopping and Caleb found a sticker that was from a pair of pants and he told Travis and I that it was his "housand" dollars [thousand dollars.] For days he wanted to carry his housand dollars around with him. It was super funny. Travis and I were like, how does he even know what a thousand dollars are?
Today he picked up the box that our keyboard had come in and was walking around looking through it. He told me it was his "noculars" and he was looking to see if anyone needed to be rescued.
Then he went in our bathroom and closed the door while I was cooking dinner and I was like Caleb what are you doing and he came out and he had picked off the little stickers that are inside the cabinets that keep them from slamming. He said, "Look mom, an octagon!" Who knows how he learned what an octagon is.
We also had an exciting thing happen a couple of weeks ago. He finally started peddling his bike! He has a tricycle and he has been doing the scoot thing with his feet, but he was going down our driveway and the next thing I knew he was peddling around the block. His legs still get tired at times and he refuses to peddle but he is doing pretty good with it. We were super excited because he would only use one leg and get to a spot and then start going backwards but now he has figured out the mechanics of peddling all the way around.
We have been working on learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet. We use the website They have a letter match game on it sometimes that he loves. He also enjoys reading books on his own...he has quite a few memorized. We are moving to stories with an actual plot now, rather than books about cars, backhoe loaders, diggers, etc. This moment could not have come soon enough for me. :)
We are in the process of potty training Caleb. It is definitely a process. He has trouble because he just wants to go and play and doesn't want to stay put.
Last weekend we took him to see the movie "Hop." We had read reviews that said the movie was pretty bad, but we have so few movies that we can take Caleb to and we figured this one was pretty safe. He loved it! The character in the story plays the drums and so there was a lot of music and so Caleb spent half of the movie just standing and dancing. We had to stay after the movie that he could continue to dance through the entire credits. The boy loves to dance. He gets so intense and just shakes his bum back and forth to the music. He has started to use his arms with his dancing also which is super funny.
We are excited that we will be able to take him to Utah for his 3rd birthday so he can celebrate with his cousins. We leave in 3 weeks!