Saturday, January 30, 2010

Talking, talking, talking

Since Christmas, Caleb's language has REALLY taken off. It is crazy! I am so glad that we have used baby sign language with him because most of the words he is saying are words he has been signing, like car, bus, etc. Well this week he has gotten crazy...Tuesday he said "happy", Wednesday he said "elbow" and pointed to his elbow, and today he turned and said "More crackers please." It was the first "sentence" he has ever said! I went sprinting across the room to give him crackers to encourage him to keep talking.
We are still getting some of the screaming and pointing when he wants something and have to remind him to use his words. We get a lot of "what's that?" "What's that?" The other crazy thing is what he has picked up. We were looking through one of his books the other day and there was like 10 different sea creatures in it and I said "Where's the pufferfish" and he totally pointed to it! And he could point to the dolphin, whale, star fish and other animals on the page. Then he pointed to the treasure chest and said "treasure." Every time we get to a stage I think, this is the most fun, but then he gets older and I think, this is the most fun. I hope it always continues like that. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow for the first time

While we were in Utah, it snowed. It was Caleb's first experience with snow. He did not like walking on it for some reason. If I put him on the snow, he would whine until I came and took his hand and we walked on it together. Or he would find a path to go around the snow rather than walking on it.

Christmas at the DeJongs

This year Caleb and I traveled to Utah for Christmas, but Travis had to stay home, so we had "Christmas" before we left. We had decided to get a minimal amount of present for Caleb because we figured he won't remember anyways, but the day before we ended up going to Toys R' Us and getting things that we such great deals they were too good to pass up. :) His big presents were a garage for his cars, a wagon, and a slide that I'm sure the downstairs neighbors are really thankful for.