Sunday, June 12, 2011

Funny things

Caleb is doing two things that are pretty funny. One is that some of the neighborhood kids have bb guns that shoot colored beads. Caleb started finding them in the grass one day and became obsessed with finding every single bead he could and putting them in the "trunk" of his bicycle. Anytime he goes outside he looks for more beads and then runs up and shouts "I found a bead!" The thing about it is that he finds beads everywhere! There are beads apparently at our city park, in parking lots, at the mall, and the kid has eagle eyes for spotting beads. We are thinking of getting him some kind of craft set with beads in it so he can start making stuff out of beads.

The other thing he has been doing is making up words to his favorite songs- pretty much the Cars soundtrack. Like he'll sing to "Find Yourself"- "That's when you find Chick Hicks. You go through Costco so sure of where you're headed and when you wind up lost it's the best thing that could of happened." He does it to lots of others songs as well and we get a big kick out of it.

We are also in the "one more minute" phase. Whether we're trying to get him to leave the park or trying to get him out of the bathtub he'll say, "just one more minute? I need just one more minute." It's so much fun having a 3 year old. ;)